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To profit from my Talents

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for more power...

and accomplishment.

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To profit from the Talents

of my colleagues...

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for higher

collective performance.

Profile 360 TLP-Navigator

To develop my leadership skills,

hot air balloons - team management

to make teams succeed.

Roue des Talents

TLP-Navigator offers human resource workers – coaches, trainers, recruiters, counselors, consultants:

  • a model that organizes the key Functions that should be performed in the workplace,
  • a suite of tools used to identify individual Talents, the manager’s strengths and areas of improvement, and the performance of the team.


Certification training is organized every quarter.


The leader has to encourage these opposing strengths in each team:

  • Searching requires openness and creativity while Producing forces application and precision,
  • Adapting requires receptiveness and reactivity while Undertaking demands vision and projection.


The TLP-Navigator model groups and organizes the key Functions to be taken into account in the workplace, as well as the Talents associated with them. It reveals what assets each individual brings to the team and clarifies situations and relationships. The goal is to facilitate the sharing of intelligence, decision-making and ultimately the dynamics and success of individuals, managers and their teams.