Who we are?

The TLP-Navigator model and tools were developed by O. Wyler and a group of consultants based on their experience with managers, teams and organizations. They were inspired in particular by the work of C.G. Jung and I. Myers and K. Briggs on personal preferences, by J-L. The Moigne on modeling, by WE Deming on the quality (Plan, Do, Check, Act), by M. Belbin, D. McCann and C. Margerison on the roles in work, by WM Marston on emotions (DISC : Dominance, Influence, Stability, Conformity)


TLP-Navigator is dedicated to the development of individual, managerial and organizational performance. Its activities are carried out essentially in three ways:

  • creation of development tools for the person (Talents profile), for the manager and the team (360° profiles), and match them with the job (profile Job Priorities)
  • creation ad hoc 360° tools to analyze the performance of the company’s managers. Based on values ​​and criteria defined in conjunction with the company, create feedback questionnaires and profiles that accurately reflect the manager’s strengths and developmental paths
  • training and certification of specialists – consultants, coaches, trainers – using TLP-Navigator development models and tools.

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